13 - 16 August 2009 in Vierhouten, NL

Sorry we're sold out

April 1, 2009

Final sale: two more weeks, april 14th absolute bottom deadline

Yesterday, the 1000th HAR2009 ticket was sold. A great moment, you early-birds make this event possible!

To celebrate, the early-bird deadline has been extended one final time. Up until April 14th tickets will sell for the early-bird rate of EUR 155,- (with a EUR 5,- discount if you enter the special discount code ‘FINAL’). That is a spectacular 16.666% discount on the new ticket price of EUR 185,- going into effect after April 14th. Compared to the projected door price of EUR 200,-, that’s a whopping 22.5% discount. For two full weeks.

Folks from the US, who might have only recently learned about HAR2009 from the 2600 site, will also appreciate this final sale. Those same folks might be interested to hear that there might be a Hackers On A Plane (HOAP2009) coming over to HAR2009; if you’re interested in that, contact Nick Farr for details.

So this is your absolute final chance to get your dirt-cheap HAR2009 tickets at the special early-birds rate! (<smallprint>please allow up to 14 days for international transfers to come through transfer rates may vary non-European customers please use your credit cards - also available are our special corporate tickets at EUR 1500,- each - customers are eligible to camping space lots of hard work fun and play usage of the sanitary facilities</smallprint>).


This announcement is all about deadlines, there are just 4 weeks left in the Call for Papers. Just in case you missed it: about 3 months ago the CfP for HAR2009 asked for interesting presentations, workshops and lectures. There is still opportunity to talk at HAR2009, just send in your proposal before May 1st.

When this series of conferences started twenty years ago, the net was new and unexplored terrain where only the bold dared to tread, and where legislation and regulation were absent. That has changed. Today, the net is all round us, spanning the globe. No aspects of our lives remain untouched by digital technology. On HAR2009 the new questions arisen as a result of that revolution will be subject of discussion. The three main tracks revolve around Dealing with data (DD), Decentralization (DeCent) and People and Politics (PNP).

The uniting theme is, of course, technology. Explicitly sollicited are any talks, workshops or other activities that are about pure, hard technology. But, don’t be afraid to submit anything of a less technical nature, maybe just skirting the fringes of technology. But, remember, _all_ talks and workshops should definetely be interesting and knowledgeable, hopefully be groundbreaking, and possibly, fun.

Your proposals may be submitted to our paper submission system on https://pentabarf.har2009.org/submission/HAR2009, and are due May 1st, 2009. If you have any questions regarding your submission or the submission system (pentabarf) be sure to bother the speakerdesk!

Field Day April 18th

Just in case you missed it in the previous announcement: everyone is invited to join the HAR2009 terrain tour on april 18th. So far, 40 people from 5 different countries and representing at least 9 villages have signed up to join the sight-seeing. Now that spring has come, we are in for a lush green Paasheuvel, the area in Vierhouten where HAR2009 will take place. If you are in any way curious about where the event will be, make sure to join. And if you are into parallel kingdom, maybe you can already stake out some flags!

For more information, including the exact times and coordinates as well as car-pools, please consult the wiki.