Hacking at Random
Hacking happens

Day Sunday - 2009-08-16
Room The Two Envelopes Tent
Start time 13:00
Duration 01:00
ID 101
Event type Lecture
Track People and politics (PNP)
Language used for presentation English

Hackerspaces Everywhere

Building the Future

Within the last 12 months, we've seen hackerspaces spread all across the world at an incredible rate, and hackers everywhere getting involved with the movement and turning into the most excited entusiasts for shared community spaces to research and/or build things. With of today there are 200 officially known active hackerspaces and another 178 in planning or building process. The media has developed an interest in the movement, its history (reaching back dozens of years already), and its current status.

However, the epic plan of taking over the world and bringing new mechanisms of studying, working and experience to the people doesn't stop here. This talk will not only focus on why to build a hackerspace, how, and what questions to ask yourself in the process; it should try to come up with answers to questions like, where are movements coming from and going to, how should we adapt to our surroundings in regards to modern technology, how can we share and expand our knowledge, and what could the future of hackerspaces, education, and everything be?