Hacking at Random
Hacking happens

Jérémie Zimmermann
Day Sunday - 2009-08-16
Room Monty Hall
Start time 12:00
Duration 01:00
ID 110
Event type Lecture
Language used for presentation English

Hack the law!

Defend your freedoms while having fun!

What happens when laws try to control the digital environment? Telecoms Package, "three strikes" (HADOPI), content filtering, software patents... It's all about control!

Is law hackable like code? What can we do to change the law? How to do it? How can a bunch of hackers promote a better and more open society?

Return of experience on fighting against the "HADOPI" "three strikes" and bad dispositions in the EU "Telecoms Package", an open discussion about how to hack the legislative process. How to organize campaigns and get general public attention? How can geeks influence legislation regarding the Internet and digital technologies?

La Quadrature du Net is a citizen toolbox for understanding the legislative process and trying to take part to it. It focuses on laws that are harmful to civil liberties and innovation in the digital environment. It is active in the European Parliament and in France, and works along with a wide network of european NGOs.

It has campaigned against legislative projects such as :

  • The "Telecoms Package" : set of EU directives reforming the electronic communication networks regulation introducing "three strikes" dispositions, serious threats to net neutrality, etc. (Third reading will happen as early as September)
  • The French "HADOPI" or "three strikes" law : unworkable, dangerous yet pathetic move in the "war on sharing" dictated by the entertainment industries.
  • The Medina report : ultra-conservative pro-RIAA/IFPI initiative report, kicked out of the EU Parliament.
  • French "LOPPSI" law about filtering of Internet content.

This talk will focus on how to participate and improve communication between structures involved with preserving Freedom in the digital environment.