Hacking at Random
Hacking happens

Adrian Bowyer
Neil Gershenfeld
Ronen Kadushin
Day Thursday - 2009-08-13
Room The Two Envelopes Tent
Start time 13:00
Duration 01:00
ID 178
Event type Lecture
Track Other
Language used for presentation English

(Un)limited design

Open Design

(un)limited Design Contest invites anybody -- designers, makers, amateurs -- to submit their own designs in the area of form, fashion and food. Unique about the (un)limited Design Contest is that all designs are open for anybody to be used, re-interpreted and redesigned. These derivative designs are also entitled to take part in the contest -- even more: copying and improving designs is strongly encouraged.

The (un)limited design contest will kick off at Hacking at Random with a special program on open design.

This exciting afternoon will feature:

• An introduction by moderator Peter Troxler (Waag Society).

• ‘How to Make (Almost) Anything’ by Neil Gershenfeld (director, Center for Bits and Atoms, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA). One day, personal fabrication could allow anyone to create anything. Neil Gershenfeld will explain (via live stream) how Fab Labs could change design and fabrication as we know them.

• ‘China at Your Desktop’ by Adrian Bowyer (senior lecturer, University of Bath, UK). Adrian Bowyer will talk about the RepRap project and its self-replicating success in enabling people and communities to create low-cost products. During the presentation you’ll see the 3D printer in action!

• ‘Hard Copy’ by Ronen Kadushin (designer, Israel). Ronen Kadushin will give a presentation on open design and its promising applications, and officially open the (un)limited design contest by presenting his own entry.

• A Q&A session on open design with Ronen Kadushin and Adrian Bowyer.

(un)limited Design Contest is a production of Waag Society and Premsela, Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion in cooperation with the Dutch Fab Labs and Creative Commons Nederland