Hacking at Random
Hacking happens

Jelle de Jong
Day Thursday - 2009-08-13
Room Monty Hall
Start time 15:00
Duration 01:00
ID 60
Event type Lecture
Track Other
Language used for presentation English

Electrical enginering with free/libre open source software

gEDA, PCB, Emdebian, positive vs negative vs proprietary vs floss standoff

In this talk Jelle is going to talk about hardware development with complete FLOSS based development tools. He is going to show the OpenARM Single Board Computer Project (SBC) and will explains some things about the Emdebbian project and the need of TDEBs.

If possible there will be a real hardware demonstration of developed hardware with the GNU Electronic Design Automation (gEDA) and GNU PCB design tools. There will be a positive vs negative standoff for proprietary vs FLOSS electronic design tools and some perspective on workflows.

The target audience is slightly technical but non-technical people should be able to follow, so this talk will be accessible for everybody.

Want to add some idea's? You are welcome to contact Jelle.